Old Man Loteni


Loteni Road is the one that will eventually lead you up to Sani Pass and over into Lesotho.  This dead tree must have been photographed a million times by every tourist that passed by.

Sadly, it has finally toppled over.  So “Old Man of Loteni” won’t be seeing another Winter and can now live on in perpetuity on my cushions.  Probably not a bad thing ~ Brrrrr!!!

Fabric: Luxurious 100% Linen Gentry

Standard Size: 60x60cm

Proudly South African

Custom sizes available

Feather Inner not included.  Can be ordered separately.

Care Instructions

Turn inside out, gently hand wash, warm water, warm iron. Do not Rub print, do not wring, do not tumble dry, no not bleach.

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