Nguni Herd



Honestly, for he life of me, I cannot remember where I took this shot.  I have a sneaky suspicion it is when were camping up in the Loteni area.  Anyway – these Nguni cows are so fascinating.  Their horns are truly magnificent.  Ngunis are popular amongst the Bantu-speaking people of SA as they are known for their fertility and resistance to disease.  They are characterised by their multi-coloured skin and varying patterns.  But quaintly enough, according to Wikipedia ~ their noses are ALWAYS black-tipped.  How cute is that.  Wet, shiny, bovine shnooters.  LOVE.

Fabric: Luxurious 100% Linen Gentry

Standard Size: 50x50cm

Proudly South African

Custom sizes available

Care Instructions

Turn inside out, gently hand wash, warm water, warm iron. Do not Rub print, do not wring, do not tumble dry, no not bleach.

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